Artist, Painter

Born in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, decides to flee from there as soon as possible, after a first spell in the artistic studies at the Liceo Artistico of Cagliari, his hometownHe thus lands on the Italian shores heading to Urbino, lonely and lost among the hills university city. In the ancient and narrow classrooms of the Accademia delle Belle Arti, he discovers his first true inspiration, together with a number of interesting and crazy characters (his fellows and friends) which greatly influence his following artistic and not-artistic life.


Since the early years he has always been deeply interested in nature and wilderness, a passion that in some and quite different ways he inherits from his parents. Accordingly, in his work, to blend this interest with a pop/comic-like style sometimes merged with a more composed and soft watercolours and gouaches.

Again, following his youth passion for comics and mangas he develops an interest and love for asian art which often transpares (sometimes even unexpectedly) from many of his works.

After his studies in Urbino and a short period back on his homeland, which allows him to deepen and experiment the use of different techniques and materials, he sets off again heading this time toward the Serenissima, Venice. There he faces once more and deepens the subject of engraving in his many techniques and possibilities.

At the end of a couples of troubled years, well soaked in the Venetian humidity, he decides to take a step further and to cross yet another sea, trying the big metropoly’s life: London. There he settles and works, still exploring and investigating hidden little wildernesses.

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